A Whole New Appreciation for Math

I have always hated numbers. I think since the day I was born Math has not been one of my strengths. I have always abhorred crunching numbers and working on complicated formulas so it is no wonder when I graduated from the university with a degree in the arts. For me, less math, less problem.


I have never really seen the application of mathematics in real life until I had to do my own budgeting and I tell you it was not easy. I have earned quite a new respect for the accountants and mathematicians and scientists. Dealing with numbers is not that easy. Fortunately, Acclaim’s bookkeeping software have the job much easier for me. I can now easily track expenses not only for myself but also for my little business.

So far, it has been so good. I can now see just how much money I spent on buying non essentials and I am slowly trying to cut back on unnecessary spending. I am now able to save more money and funnel more funds into my ever growing travel business and this is a very good news  for me. What I am trying to do now is to grow my business slowly and I am quite certain that my bookkeeping software will be able to assist me in that.

Currently, I am taking more classes in business so that I can grow my business and get substantial return of investments.

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