The Rise of Remote Work

There’s a big new trend in the world of work. Digital tech has now made it simple for companies to hire talent from other parts of the world, building a “digital office” of bright young things without having to worry about hiring from a local pool.

This is beneficial for companies because they have a much larger pool of talent to choose from, allowing them to find the exact right fit for their roles more easily. Of course, this is also very appealing to a workforce who is increasingly demanding the death of the 9-to-5 model and inefficient work practices. The freedom to travel and still earn is very appealing.

The idea is still young in New Zealand, but it’s growing. A New Zealander has recently launched a Digital Nomad Facebook Forum in order to bring like-minded people together to learn more about how to build location independent income.

A Whole New Appreciation for Math

I have always hated numbers. I think since the day I was born Math has not been one of my strengths. I have always abhorred crunching numbers and working on complicated formulas so it is no wonder when I graduated from the university with a degree in the arts. For me, less math, less problem.


I have never really seen the application of mathematics in real life until I had to do my own budgeting and I tell you it was not easy. I have earned quite a new respect for the accountants and mathematicians and scientists. Dealing with numbers is not that easy. Fortunately, Acclaim’s bookkeeping software have the job much easier for me. I can now easily track expenses not only for myself but also for my little business.

So far, it has been so good. I can now see just how much money I spent on buying non essentials and I am slowly trying to cut back on unnecessary spending. I am now able to save more money and funnel more funds into my ever growing travel business and this is a very good news  for me. What I am trying to do now is to grow my business slowly and I am quite certain that my bookkeeping software will be able to assist me in that.

Currently, I am taking more classes in business so that I can grow my business and get substantial return of investments.

Protecting Your Credit

Your credit is one of the most important thing you have in the modern world. If you have bad credit, you will not be able to borrow money from banks and other financial institutions. We all know just how difficult borrowing with bad credit can be.

One of the many things which can ruin your credit is identity theft. Hundreds of people nowadays have become victims of horrible identity theft and they every single day they try to rebuild their credit and get their lives back together.

ID theft

Being a victim of identity theft is something which I don’t want to wish on anybody, even my own enemy because it can be devastating. As they say prevention is better than cure so protect yourself from identity theft. How? Here are a few ways.

Whenever you go out, never carry extra documents or cards. Take only what you need. When you order new checks, pick them up from the bank instead of having them mailed to you. This will make it harder for checks to be stolen and to be taken by identity thieves.

Be mindful when giving out your personal information on the phone. As a matter of fact, you should not give your personal information on the phone unless you are the person who initiated the call.

Lastly, be careful of what you put in your trash. Never throw receipts or bank statements. What you should do instead if shred these sensitive documents before throwing them away.

Adventures in Online Dating

Having been single for quite some time and having just come back from my trip of self-discovery in various countries, I decided to try out the NZ online dating scene. I have never tried meeting people online and to me it was a new thing and like all new things, it seemed an adventure.

Previously I though that it was quite absurd for people to meet people online. I mean how does it go talking to people onscreen? How can you get to know someone without even meeting them? How can you hope to meet someone special that way? Well, I have not met someone special yet but I am having an adventure meeting people and getting to know them.


It was not as bad as I thought, it was actually quite pleasant. True, some people might irritate you and even upset you for pretending to be something they are not but there are quite a few pleasant persons who I have met and who I have constant conversations with. I have even met some of them personally and have taken long dinners with them while getting to know them even more.

Some people might not like meeting people online but I say give it a try. As long as you remember to be careful it should not be too bad. What could you lose trying to meet people online, right?

Learning My Lessons Well

India is an exotic and mysterious place which will awaken your senses. It is beautiful and it is like an explosion of colors. I have first read about India when I was a child and I was instantly fascinated.


Finally stepping on India was like a dream come true for me. I was so happy thinking to myself that at last I would see the Taj Mahal, Agra and the Ganges River. However, being a teenager and a novice in traveling, I did not quite foresee that there were pickpockets and I ended up losing a good chunk of my budget for the trip.

I had to ask my parents for money. Fortunately sending money from NZ to India was very easy and I received the additional funds almost instantly. One of the main takeaways from my trip was to be extra careful. It does not matter where you travel, if you are not careful with your belongings, especially your wallet, it will be very easy for pickpockets and other unscrupulous characters to take advantage of you.

I have made a note of my mistakes and fortunately I learned my lesson well. I am extra careful now even in my own city and nothing bad has happened ever since.