My Trip to the Gold Coast (and Tales of Renovation)

So here I am, back on the Gold Coast at last after 3 long years away. I’ve forgotten how much I missed the sun, the beaches, the more relaxed pace of life over here. I didn’t miss all the juiced up dickheads though, I must admit. The women are fairly easy on the eye, though, compared to the average Kiwi girl. I guess it’s just something about the beach culture.

In any case, I’ve been hard at work doing some DIY repairs on my rental property here, but I’ve had to give up in defeat and accept some of the work that needs to be done is beyond my capabilities. I’ve enlisted the help of Rock Solid, who according to recommendations are theĀ best renderers on the Gold Coast, so we’ll see how that all pans out. Fingers crossed they’re as good as I’ve been told they are.

Coming to Terms with a Pest Infestation

My writing schedule has been greatly disturbed lately by the fact my apartment has been near to overrun with cockroaches.

I’m pretty squeamish at the best of times, and this has become too much for me, to the point that I have decided to take a week long holiday and bring in a cockroach control service to deal to the problem.

I’m having a little “staycation” at the moment as a result, currently writing this from a hotel in the central city. Once the pest problem is taken care of I think I’ll head back to the Gold Coast for a while and take care of business over there as there are a few bits and pieces that urgently need to be done on my little rental property over there – more on that soon.